Wednesday, December 21: Psalm 150- Praise.

What a simple and fitting conclusion to the book of Psalms… Praise the Lord.

While praising the Lord is not some magical elixir that heals all ills, it certainly reorders a person’s life. Somewhere in the midst of many (most) Psalms was the invitation or solace of praising the Lord.

In this final Psalm of the psalter, we are reminded that praising the Lord is an expressive action. And while my ‘go-to’ thought about praise is verbal praise, this Psalm reminds me that instruments of all kinds, as well as dancing, can also be acts of praise. 

And verse 2 reminds me that the Lord is the focus of our praise and we praise Him for his acts of power and his surpassing greatness.

It seems fitting that I turn from thinking about praise to praise itself…

Praise God from whom all blessings flow...



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