Thursday, December 29: 2Corinthians 7- Make room in your hearts.

Real people… I just could stop thinking about the fact that Paul and the Corinthians were real people.

This chapter contains a great deal of ‘inside’ information. Paul is communicating on a heart level with the Corinthians. There is much self-disclosure, expressions of concern over a letter sent and realization that though it was a tough letter it, by God’s grace, affected a positive outcome.

I found myself thinking that I live in many real relationships, too. Sometimes they go swimmingly well and sometimes not so much. But the ability to keep communication open and to talk through the rough patches is a gift from God and takes relational work.

I hear Paul modeling this in measure. His says volumes in a simple sentence, part of verse 2. Make room for us in your hearts.

That is the essence of friendship… all parties must make room in their hearts for one another. And that room leaves space not only for mistakes, but also for repair.

God has me thinking about friends… I’m wondering if there are repairs I need to make or if there are some relationship in which I have to make more room…

I’m wondering…

How about you?

God, thank You for the people You have placed in my life. Help me to treasure them and open my hearts to them… and to be willing to enter their hearts as well.

Thank You, Lord, for the people You have brought into my life.  I am richer for them and more faithful because of the brothers and sisters who speak words of life into my life. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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