Thursday, December 8: 1Corinthians 10- Life is connected.

We don’t live life in a bubble. People have lived before us and people will live after us. We can learn from those who lived before us and we can be examples for those who come after us. Life is connected. History can be a great teacher, so long as we are studying good and godly history.

The Scriptures provide us a great deal of history that can teach and instruct us as people of faith.  This is Paul’s point.

Four times he references the example of Israel using the words as some of them were (7) and three times using the phrase as some of them did (8,9). In these cases Israel was a negative example. We are not to do as they did.  Each example was a sin we must guard ourselves against… idolaters, sexually immoral, testing Christ, and grumbling. As Paul goes on to say, these are a warning to us (11).

I sit here today duly warned. The Lord has left us a legacy in Scripture of examples on how and how not to live. Will I learn?  Will I be mindful of the examples God has given me?

Will you?

Today is a ‘think about it’ time in God’s Word.

Lord, it is good and right to think and ponder Your ways and to listen to the record You have provided. Thinking about these things is important but even more it is important to LIVE wisely, thanks in part to the examples You have provided in Your Word and, to this I might add, in history.

So grant me wisdom, Lord, that I might learn from and follow those who have been faithful to You. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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