Saturday, December 10: 1Corinthians 12- Part of a body.

Paul speaks at length about being part of a body, the body of Christ. Simply put, every person is akin to one part of a body and for the body to function every part must play its part.

It didn’t take long for the Lord’s Word to come alive in me this morning.  Who am I in my local church body? Who are you? To not play our part is to create a void in the body system and to overwork other parts having them do what they were not meant to do. They may be compensating but are doing something they were not designed to do.

Okay, enough of analysis of the problem, who am I in my local church body? Who are you? Are we functioning as we should be?

Tomorrow the body, I am part of, will gather together in worship.  I will look around and observe with this thought in mind, “Am I playing the part(s) I was meant to play?” Will you join me in seeking the Lord about this?

Lord Jesus, Father, Spirit, show me the part(s) in the body You would have me play and kick me out of my comfort zone if I am not playing the parts You intended me to play. This is my simple pray, prayed in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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