Friday, June 9: 2Samuel 20- tough people, tough times.

Joab is the anti-David. Where David is God fearing, humble and gracious, Joab is self-serving, violent and conniving.

Joab again strikes down an unsuspecting rival. Murderous. I wonder why David keeps Joab around.  Maybe his ruthlessness makes him a good warrior? I just don’t know.

Thinking about Joab and David makes me think how one needs to be able to get along with people who are very different. In many ways David trusted Joab particularly as a warrior, but David was never influenced by Joab to cheat or skimp on his personal integrity. David could employ Joab without succumbing to Joab’s low standards.

I still don’t quite get how they worked together for so long, but they did. Joab’s bad traits never transferred to David. Sadly, David’s good traits never transferred to Joab either. There are no guarantees when it comes to relationships that we can influence others for good.

I found myself musing about people I have had to work with who are very different than myself. There certainly were some trying times…

Thankfully the Lord saw me through…

Praise be to the Lord, who is with me (us) in all life’s situations. He strengthens me during tough times and by His grace I grew during those difficult times. Truth is I probably grew more during tough days that golden ones.

Lord, Thank You for Your presence, Your guiding voice within. Thank You that by listening to You I have avoided some major disasters.  Lord, when I blow it, You have always been there to pick of the pieces, forgive me and set me back on the right path again. Praise to You, Lord God. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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