Tuesday, June 13: 2Samuel 23- Who surrounds you?.

A few thoughts struck me as I was reading the listing and exploits of David’s mighty men.

First, that David had these key men.  Many, or at least most, leaders have their key subordinates, people who serve alongside for years, companions who play important roles. Possibly their most important role is that they will do everything they can in order to see the leader succeed. A side kick, a co-laborer, a rear-guard, someone(s) on whom the leader can absolutely depend. Sometimes these others share the limelight and sometimes not. They are not rivals for power or honor; they are trusted people who play unique roles depending upon the particulars of their relationship. David, as warrior king, had 37 he trusted and battled alongside. They were absolutely committed to David’s success.

This causes me to wonder if I have certain someones, or if I might be a key man to someone else???

Second, Joab was not listed among the valiant 37. I don’t know what that means and I don’t want to read too much into this. However, I pondered… though a capable commander, was Joab not trusted by David? Did Joab exhibit some self-honoring traits David didn’t want too close?

It caused me to think sometimes a leader has leaders alongside but for some reason they just don’t enter that place of inner confidence. Such is life and relationships…

Third, Uriah, the Hitite, was one of the 30. This makes David’s sin of adultery with Uriah’s wife and murder of Uriah all the more hideous. Uriah had proven to be one of David’s most valiant and trusted warriors, still David sinned so greatly against him, even killing him!

This third thought frightens me because it shows me just how wicked the human heart can be. David, a great leader and deeply devoted follower of the Lord, stooped so low during the Uriah/Bathsheba incident. How we humans can justify the worst of sins!! This frightens me because if David could fall this hard, any of us could fall this hard!

Oh, God, keep me close to You. Fence me in from my own possibly of deep, deep sin. Sin is inevitable I know that. I do not say this to give myself an easy way out, but it is reality. But Oh, Lord, keep me from deep, deep sin. Sin like David committed against Uriah… which he committed against You.

Prune my life to protect and hone me. Fertilize my life with Your Holy Spirit so that it grows strong in YOU!

Oh, Father, I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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