Wednesday, June 21: 1Kings 6- A window into my soul.

All the detail about the temple shows me how important the temple was to the life of Israel and to Solomon.

We humans build. What we build often shows our priorities and our vanities.

Solomon and Israel built for the glory of God. The magnificence of this building mirrors the greatness of their God. Nothing was too extravagant. The Lord deserved the best.

In my life what have I built? What do I dream about building? These, I suspect, are windows into my soul. What do they show me? I need to take some time to gaze into my life through this window God is showing me...

Lord, so many of my dreams are about me… my needs, my family’s needs. Is this selfishness or responsibility to care for my family?

Do I make You and Your glory a priority? Oh, God, help me unravel the complexities of myself, so that I can grow to be more fully devoted to You. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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