Wednesday, June 7: 2Samuel 18- Questions and wonderings.

A number of thoughts hit me during my reading. Let’s see where the Lord takes me.

David submitted to the wisdom of his men about NOT riding out with the troops. His men were right, David was worth 10,0000 soldiers. The death of David would mean victory for Absalom.

One of Absalom’s vanities was his undoing. His hair, glorious and full, was a cause for his death. It seems that there is a message in that statement. How often are our vanities our downfall? Those things about self or life, and not the Lord, that we prize become the hole that swallows us up.

I also wondered why Absalom was fighting without armor bearers or others alongside. Why was he alone? Was he arrogant? Did he get lost in the forest, which were the downfall of so many (8)?  David would never have been alone in battle.

I was amazed that so many fled with and rallied around David that he had to appoint leaders of hundreds and thousands (1). Oh, the love people had for David.

I wondered how David could have so much feeling for Absalom that he gave the orders to go easy with him. Absalom had killed a brother and usurped the throne. Did David have a blind spot for the evil aspects of Absalom? Was he forgiving? I wondered what drove David in this.

This morning my thoughts are filled with wonderings. Sometimes when I spend time in the Word, answers are not readily apparent and questions and wondering remain. Still God meets me. God fills me. God is present with me as I spend time in His Word. God’s ways are higher than my ways so I cannot expect to always understand fully…

Still I love the Lord. Still I keep coming back to His Word for truth and direction and presence. I always find the Lord in His Word, just not always the ways I will expect to find Him.

Oh. Lord, thank You for the treasure of Your Word. Thank You for the treasure of men and women who have followed You, whose life and stories are in Your world. Thank You that those women and men were real people with strengths and weaknesses, people from whom I can learn. People who teach me about a life devoted to You. I love You, Lord. Walk with me today in my questions and in my answers. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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