Monday, July 10: 1Kings 22- There comes a day of reckoning for every person.

Kingly alliances are a funny thing. Generally there is some benefit for each party in the alliance. This is true to this day. About 6 weeks ago all the ministers of NATO met in Europe. With a new president in the US and changes coming in the UK, the ministers wanted to make sure their alliance was strong because each member nation receives a benefit by being part of NATO. Does every nation agree with every policy of the other member nations? No, but they set aside differences for the sake of security that NATO brings to its member nations.

Israel and Judah had an alliance. Jehoshaphat didn’t follow the religious practices of Ahab and Israel, but they were stronger and more secure together.

The differences between the two kings could not be more obvious than in today’s chapter. Ahab ridiculed the prophet of the Lord and when Micaiah spoke an unfavorable word from the Lord, Ahab had him jailed. Given all the ways the Lord has tried to get Ahab’s attention, Ahab still rejects the Lord.

There comes a day of reckoning for every person!

Ahab’s day had come. The Lord called and called but Ahab never answered. He steadfastly followed his own heart rather than following the Lord.

I wonder if Ahab had an inkling that Micaiah spoke correctly. Why else would he go into battle in disguise while encouraging Jehoshaphat to enter battle in full kingly regalia? Whatever Ahab’s reason, a disguise didn’t protect him.

When God deems our time has come, it has come and no human ingenuity can extend our time against the Lord’s decree. Ahab paid with his life that day, going to the grave at enmity with the Lord. That is a frightening thought. 

The contrast of this chapter could not be more obvious… each person is either living in relationship with the Lord (Jehoshaphat) or is living at enmity with the Lord (Ahab). There is no middle ground. It is one or the other.

Do you stand with the Lord or against Him?

Think about it…

Oh, Lord, I profess again my love and obedience to You. As Joshua said a millennia ago, ‘As for me and my house we will serve the Lord!’ May it be so Lord. May it be so… Amen!


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