Saturday, July 8: 1Kings 21- Leadership at its worst.


Ahab, oh Ahab, how terrible a scoundrel you were. You were the antithesis of David, the great king of Israel. Where David was a servant leader, you were a whining despot under the thumb of your vile wife Jezebel.

Your dealings with Naboth, reveal so much about what NOT to do as a leader, asking for his vineyard was fine, but everything after that reveals your vile character.

When Naboth, a man of character, says ‘no’, you whine and sulk. Some leader you are. You act like a little child who doesn’t get his way. Lead, make a counter offer, or look for another field but don’t whine! Babies whine, not leaders.

Next it is almost like you whine so that your wife takes notice, because you know she will do something.  You allow her to work her plan, knowing it will be devious and vile. She is acting in your name so all she does reflects on you and by allowing her free reign you are complicit. As a leader, you bare responsibility for all who are under you. You, oh king, do not get a free ride. You are a murderer for personal gain!

Worse yet, when the Lord sends Elijah to call you on your actions, you never own your guilt. You continue your whining charade.

David was not perfect but when confronted by his sin he admitted his guilt and accepted God’s judgment. Not you, there is not one indication in the text that you admit anything or even speak directly to the Lord or his prophet about your guilt. Yes, you take out the sackcloth, as one caught, but where is your confession, your admission of guilt?

You are a man who will do anything to save your skin and get your way, but as far as a change of heart, NOTHING! You are the kind of leader who throws his subordinates under the bus to protect self. Despicable.

Ahab is a man of unprincipled character… but who, asks the Lord, am I? God’s Word is meant to teach and train me and all people of faith. How will I allow Ahab’s story to speak to me?  This is where I spend my quiet time with Jesus this morning.

Form in me, Jesus, the humble, Father-honoring character that David displayed. Purge out my selfish traits and train me in godliness. As a leader let me lead with integrity and a servant’s heart. Yes, that is my prayer, but Lord, even more I pray that my entire life be built on humility before You and a desire to serve You and model Your character in everything I do, in every sphere of my life. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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