Saturday, July 1: 1Kings 15- What would an exposé reveal about you?.

As the parade of kings from the Northern Kingdom –Israel- and the Southern Kingdom –Judah- cover the page of this chapter and the succeeding chapters of the books of Kings, the defining feature of each king is whether he does evil or good in the eyes of the Lord.

Were they faithful to the Lord or not? That is the concern.

And that in reality is the issue for everyone. Are we, am I, faithful to the Lord or not?

What will people write about you when your days are ended? Will it be obvious that you have been faithful to the Lord?

If a news personality was assigned to write an exposé of your life and she followed the trail of your life’s footprints… hobbies, work history, associations, etc. If she investigated your social media footprint, browser history, bank records and interviews your neighbors, friends, associates and ‘enemies’ would the evidence label us as faithful to the Lord or not?

Oh. Lord, You know. You know my heart. You know the true inner person me. Forgive my evil, redeem my life that I might follow You all the days of my life. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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