Tuesday, July 4: 1Kings 17- What are you doing for the Lord?.

Elijah bursts on to the scene speaking prophetically to Ahab king of Israel. No rain for years… (1). Ahab must have thought Elijah was a nutcase. Immediately the Lord whisks Elijah to places of safety to care for him. First he is fed by ravens then miraculously by a widow. Miracles begin to flow through Elijah.

We know nothing of his back story. Did he realize he had prophetic gifts and was to be used mightily by the Lord, or did he grow in his giftings as the account unfolds? We simply do not know. One thing we do know, by the end of the chapter, the woman knows Elijah is a strong man of God. The chapter ends with these words, Then the woman said to Elijah, “Now I know that you are a man of God and that the word of the LORD from your mouth is the truth” (24).

In the narrative of the text this statement functions as a declaration of Elijah’s calling and position.

Thinking about Elijah, his gifts and calling pointed me to think about my gifts and callings. I am certainly not an Elijah, but the Lord has endowed me (and you) with my own gifts and abilities. For me to be faithful I have to grow into using them for God’s honor and glory. Am I doing that? Do others see God’s gifts in me… not because I am showy, but because I am using them to further God’s agenda and kingdom?

This morning is one of those mornings where I am asking myself if I am doing enough for the Lord with what God has given me…  How about you? Are you serving faithfully for the Lord?

Lord, I begin by offering me today. Use me today to make a difference in my world that honors You. As today blends into tomorrow may the same thing be true. May I make a difference for You in my world. In Jesus’ name,1` I pray. Amen.



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