Saturday, July 15: 2Kings 5- .

The contrast between Naaman and the king of Israel jumped off the page at me. Israel’s king was skeptical and saw the request for healing as a ploy to start a war. He never displays even a momentary sense that God could actually heal Naaman. Naaman, on the other hand, was in need and looking for a miracle.

Yes, Naaman has a ‘faith’ hiccup. I might have had one, too. The prophet never even came out to meet him. All he did was send his servant who said, ‘Bathe in the Jordan.’ I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect to see the prophet and that he might do something dramatic, but that was not God’s way this time. A simple command to bathe was what God was going to use to heal Naaman. After a short time of insolence, Naaman’s servant talked some sense into his master and he did as the prophet directed and was instantly and completely healed. From start to finish –excepting the faith hiccup –Naaman believed God could and would heal him.

Even more, so convinced by the miracle was Naaman, that he chose to put his faith in Yahweh as his God. Seeking a healing led to a confession of faith in the Lord.

Surely the king of Israel heard about this miracle, and yet even after the miracle he didn’t have a faith moment.

It never ceases to amaze me how different people can have such different responses to a move of God’s hand! Israel’s king remained faithless; Naaman discovered faith. Absolute opposite responses.

What is your response to this account from the Bible? Does it draw you to or deepen your  faith in the Lord or does it have no faith effect on you?

Think about it…

Lord, I smile, the story of Naaman reminds me that You are a miracle working God and that You are calling people near and far to come and walk with You. You healed a foreign general and drew him to Your side. You are calling people of every tribe and language and nation to Your side to this day. Use me, Lord, as an ambassador of Your work. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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