Thursday, July 13: 2Kings 3- Respect.

Never underestimate the power of respect.

When we respect someone we are inclined to their wishes should they ask something of us. When we respect someone we want to work with them, help them and bless them. Respect is a powerful connection between people.

Elisha respect King Jehoshaphat so when he and his men, plus the men with King Joram, found themselves in dire straits with no water, Elisha came to the rescue providing a miracle through the power of the Lord. The account makes it clear that had there been no respect for Jehoshaphat there would have been no consideration of a miracle for King Joram.

True respect is earned. A certain office might command a level of respect, but if personal respect is not earned through integrity and effectiveness, for example, even respect of the office will wane.

Now respect isn’t only for governmental leadership. Respect cuts through all relationships. Healthy friendships are built partially on respect.

Not surprisingly God’s whisper begins to blow, “Bill, are you a person people respect?”

I began to consider what personal traits I look for in people I respect.

      Personal integrity

      Treating other people with dignity, kindness and humanness

      Genuine faith

      They have the capacity to respect and honor others.

There are other traits I am sure.

Then there are traits that dismantle respect for me:

      Arrogance, tops my list

      An attitude that dismisses others

Hypocrisy… you tell me what you think on a matter –I may disagree. However when you say one thing but your life tells a different story, respect disappears in me.

Again there are other respect-killers in my book.

Finally God asked me if I live the respect traits and avoid the respect-killers.

How about you, are you a person others respect?

Lord, as I begin to pray about this, it occurred to me that being a person who exhibits the fruit of the spirit also garners respect. Help me to grow in traits that make me a man others respect. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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