Thursday, July 6: 1Kings 19- Move past fear and do.

As a continuation of the Mt Carmel story, the miraculous nature of this account continues. Elijah travels by foot from Mt Carmel to Jezreel about 15 miles. After learning of Jezebel’s intentions, Elijah flees 95 miles to Beersheba, and then another day’s journey into the Negev wilderness. After a bit of refreshment by the Lord, God directs Elijah on a 40 day journey to Mt Horeb where the Lord meets him.

I love the accounts… God is not in the wind. Then came an earthquake… God is not there either nor is God in the fire, finally God arrives in a gentle whisper (12). The Lord could have been in any of these… but in this instance He chose the whisper.

I pondered why… I cannot be certain, but these thoughts emerged.

God had shown up in power on Mt Carmel. Elijah knew that side of the Lord. I wonder if it was the contrast. As if the Lord was saying… Elijah I am… everything. I am strength and I am in the quiet. I am who I need to be so that you will see ME and worship Me and follow Me.

The Lord had things He needed Elijah to do.

God has things He wants me (us) to do as well. People to witness to, injustices to speak out against, hurts that need healing and lives that need touching. To do God’s bidding we have to be connected to Him. God needed Elijah to let go of his fear and embrace once again His Lord. God needed Elijah’s attention and God got it by revealing Himself in the quiet whisper.

How is God revealing himself to you today?

I saw God today in the smile of a little one, an upgrade on a long flight and deep rest in the afternoon.

God is good and always there…

Oh. God, thank You for revealing Yourself to me today in many ways. I love You and I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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