Wednesday, June 28: 1Kings 12- Many thoughts.

So many thoughts, observations and musings… here are a few.

Golden calves. Jeroboam made golden calves for Israel to worship. This was reminiscent of Aaron in the desert. Did Jeroboam choose a calf because of the ancient sin of Aaron or was it something to do with calves? Was it something in their culture? Interesting how sins of the past seem to rear their ugly heads.  Is it generational or cultural or a piece of both?

What are the generational and cultural sins I need to wage war against??? Wealth and greed? Independence? Selfishness with regard to my time? Life of ease rather than service? Oh, the thoughts that spin in my head.

The role of Egypt. Solomon married a daughter of Pharaoh and now Egypt is harboring a fugitive from Solomon, Jeroboam. Egypt was never an ally of Israel, but they offered ‘friendship’ and alliance when it benefited themselves. And even as they offered a hand to Solomon they were also willing to offer another hand to Jeroboam. Who really are our allies?

Listening to the news this kind of thing happens all the time in world politics, but if I personalize it… who really are my allies? Who can I trust to have my back, to help me walk faithfully with the Lord? This takes discernment and prayer…

Advisors. On an earthly plain, Rehoboam failed because he listened to the wrong advisors. He chose to listen to young unseasoned voices, sons of privilege who didn’t have the wisdom of service and years. Now certainly God was behind all this this. He was splitting the kingdom due to Solomon’s sin, but there is wisdom in considering one’s advisors.

Don't choose only “Yes voices.” People we trust but who have a different perspective are essential. And don't forget prayer. There is not a single word about Rehoboam consulting the Lord on this matter.

Lord, help me to continue to chew on this chapter in Your book. Teach me I pray. Through Jesus, my Savior. Amen.


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