Wednesday, July 5: 1Kings 18- What's my assignment for today?.

This is one of the fantastic stories and amazing miracles in the OT. The Lord shows himself to be God, God above all gods!

It amazes me that Ahab does not immediately repent of his ways, which is a reminder to me that a hardened heart is a stubborn thing!

It is time to do a heart check… It is time to look inward and be honest with ourselves. Is your (my) heart open to the Lord or not?

If it is, how is God leading you these days? What is the Lord revealing about your life? Where does the Lord want you to grow? Being open to the Lord isn’t just a matter of having prayed a prayer sometime years ago. It is about rising each day and asking the Lord what’s my assignment for today. It is serving and loving in Jesus’ name routinely as part of life.

Think about it… I am.

Oh, Lord, show me what You have for me today and tomorrow. What big things would You like me to do for You, Your people and Your world?  What small ways can I shine the light of Jesus into my world today?  Reveal Yourself to me when I am faint… I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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