Tuesday, June 27: 1Kings 11- All in all of my days.

Today we learn of Solomon’s divided heart. His downfall comes through women. They seduce him away from the Lord.

We find ourselves in trouble when we think we know better than God, picking and choosing which God-ordained rules we are going to follow and which we are not.

Solomon chose not to follow God’s marriage regulations by marrying women from nations God specifically told Israel NOT to intermarry with (2). Over time their worship habits influenced Solomon who joined them and so his heart was separated from the Lord. Solomon even went so far as to establish altars for foreign gods in Israel (4-8).

How sad. A blessed and promising life destroyed by sex and disobedience.

Two thoughts bounced in my head. One is that God’s rules are all or nothing. I know as humans we cannot live up to God’s rules fully. We are filled with sin and need a savior, but the thought that keeps coming to me is that I cannot pick and choose what aspects of God’s laws I want to follow and which ones I want to avoid. Solomon disregarded marriage regulations.  By placing himself above God he set in motion his down fall. It is idolatry to place myself above God.

The other thought is about going the distance. In verse 4 it says, “As Solomon grew old…” Jesus often said the one who stands firm till the end. God calls us to follow all the days of our lives. Solomon did not. I’m guessing that he made small steps away from the Lord and over time found that he had stepped away from the Lord. Diligence in examining our lives and constantly returning to and re-confessing our love for and obedience to the Lord helps keep us on track.

When David sinned, he repented and returned but apparently Solomon did not. As a result of his faithlessness God raised up adversaries reminding Solomon that he needed the Lord. These reminders didn’t work.

‘All in all of my days…’ that is God’s call to me this morning as I sit with the Lord.

Will you join me?

Oh, God, I cannot do this on my own. I confess I need Your help to walk with You. Send Your Holy Spirit to guide me. Open my ears to His voice. Strengthen my heart to desire You and my will to follow You all the days of my life. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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