Friday, December 25: Psalm 82- God over all gods .

It is difficult to write a statement more clearly:

God presides in the great assembly; he renders judgment among the “gods” (1).

To my mind little more needs to be said.

If I believe the Bible, which I do, this is an open and shut case. The God of the Bible is the supreme God of all gods.

I sit looking out our wonderful picture window as the sun rises and night turns into day. All I see is God’s creation. God made it and God is in charge of it. No one or no thing is on par with God. Nothing.

As I sit, I am thankful that God has given His Word. I am doubly thankful that God has opened my eyes and ears and heart to what He has written. And I am grateful for His one and only Son, Jesus, who is God Himself, Lord of the cosmos and the one I confess to be my Lord and my God.

I am grateful today that the great and awesome God is knowable through the Scriptures.

Praise be to the Lord, God, Almighty, who is Creator of all things and is above all things and is God over all gods. Amen and amen.


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