Thursday, December 17: Matthew 28- Will I give my life for Jesus?.

Jesus is alive!  For all the twists and turns in the Gospel story, the Gospel closes with Jesus resurrected and giving instructions to His disciples. What He said would happen, did. He was arrested and killed and rose from the dead. Try to imagine the roller coaster of emotions that the followers of Jesus went through. I did.

·         disbelief at his arrest

·         fear of the crowd and soldiers

·         nervous wondering that you might be next (I recall Peter’s crumbling at the voice of a young maiden saying she was with Jesus)

·         confusion at the crowds chanting, “Crucify Him”

I imagine how these and many other emotions multiplied at the sight of the bloodied, beaten Jesus carrying His cross to Golgotha.

Then another exponential rise in emotions happens as you watch Him hanging on the cross. And now you are sitting with Him as He instructs you about a world that needs to know who He is and what He has done.

You have never left Palestine, and He is directing you to go to ‘all nations.’ Do you even know what that means? But He is alive and everything He has said has come true. Everything!

My final thought… will I give my life for Jesus, His gospel and His kingdom, like He gave His life for me?

Lord, Jesus, I believe in You.  Lord, Jesus, I surrender to You.  Lord, Jesus, praise be to You, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


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