Monday, December 14: Matthew 25- A life that pleases God.

My eyes widened as I saw the progression in this chapter and in Jesus’ teachings.

It starts with the parable of the virgins and the emphasis on being ready for the Jesus’ return,

then it moves to the parable of the servants and the bags of gold. While the element of return is central to the story, the point is being made about the king’s business and using the gold he has given you for the king’s benefit. So we have to be ready and be diligent working for the King…

Finally the last parable is the separation of the goats and sheep that will happen at the King’s return. The sheep cared for the ‘least of these’ while the goats did not.

I heard God clearly say, ‘be ready and be diligent, taking care of the least of these until the King, Jesus, returns’.

This chapter paints a clear message for me about living life in a way that pleases God…

I invite you to think about these things, too…

Lord, open my eyes to those who I might help in Your name today. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.



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