Saturday, November 12: Romans 12- Continually.

I feel excited as I open today and see that Romans 12 is today’s reading. For me this is one of the great chapters of the entire Bible.

In view of everything God has done for you, live like this… (my paraphrase of how the chapter opens).

Now that I have anticipated the chapter, I will read it and see what verse the Lord signals for me to meditate upon today.

Reading this chapter produced greater delight than I anticipated. God’s Word is deeper, richer, and more wonder-full than ever imagined.

It seems today God had me hover at the 10,000-foot level seeing larger themes rather than individual concerns.

In view of everything God has done for you, live like this…

·         Continually grow by feeding your mind the things of God not human philosophies

·         Don’t be an arrogant I-am-better-than-others individual, be part of God’s body and play your part, whatever that is, vibrantly.

·         Love, do not hate; give the Lord room to have the final word.

What an incredible Word. Compact, straightforward, challenging…

My thoughts slip to how and what… how do I do this, what are the things I need to do today to fulfill this admonition?

Regarding the ‘how’… bullet-point 1 seems to be the target, “continually to fill my life with God’s voice”. This is the only way I can counteract the constant bombardment of human philosophies that come to me in every imaginable way. I have to continually pump God’s will, way and Word into my life.

Then the ‘what’ begins to become apparent…  live as if other people matter as much or more than myself and use my abilities to make things better for everyone. And this is done by LOVE never hate.

Somehow the ‘what do I do’ of God comes down to LOVE… always LOVE

Ok Lord, show me how and where I can love today… love those I naturally love and those I naturally don’t. Love those I know and the stranger…  LOVE.

Lord, I cannot do this on my own I need the guidance of the Holy Spirit. I pray in Jesus name. Amen.


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