Friday, November 13: Psalm 74- Half a song.

Half truth… that was my immediate impression. This song is only half of the truth.

Yes, God was mocked by the Babylonians as they defeated Israel and destroyed the temple, tearing stone from stone and mocking the Lord as they did so.

Yes, this is very true. And it was a sad day for Israel and the Lord as His name was dragged through the mud of defeat and desecration. Surely God will vindicate Himself.

The psalmist cries this out long and loud, the undertone being that Israel will be reestablished as God restores His fame.

But where is Israel’s admission of sin that led to judgment? This was not a defeat because Babylon’s gods were bigger than Israel’s God. This was judgment of Israel’s sins. God was using Babylon as His hammer of justice.

The Lord was moving toward a day when His glory would extend far beyond the borders of Israel. God was moving toward a day when His glory would cover the earth as the waters cover the seas (Habakkuk 2:14). Step one in this journey was the punishment of Israel for her lack of obedience…

As I read and pondered all this, it hit me that I can easily remember half the story, too, in order to advance my cause before the Lord. I, too, can cry, “Bless me, heal me, restore me”, without asking if my actions or sins might be part of my problem in the first place.

Lord, I ask for wisdom and the ability to be honest with myself, to see my needs and failings and bring them to You honestly. Lord, I pray that Your name and fame would be spread throughout all the earth and that I do my part faithfully in spreading Your name and fame. Through Jesus, the Lord of Glory, I pray. Amen.


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