Wednesday, November 18: Matthew 3- John's stern message.

I picture John as a fiery guy. He did not mince words. John would not be a poster child for the Dale Carnegie Class, “How to Win Friends and Influence People.” He drilled everyday people with their sin, calling all to repent. Repent –admit you are going in the wrong direction and living the wrong way; admit and turn around.

John was particularly hard on Jewish religious leaders calling them a “brood of vipers” (7) suggesting they were slithering snakes killing people with their words. At the same time they were hypocrites who needed to repent themselves.

John would likely not get much airtime as a preacher today and yet people came to him in droves.

Oh, how our psyches have changed. It seems people back then were willing to face their sinfulness. Today the messages that draw crowds are filled with promises of potential and success and achieving all you can be and so on.

Caught myself?!? It is easier for me to fend off John’s message if I compare it with my world (my previous sentence), rather than hearing John’s message personally and taking his words to heart regarding my life as his listeners did.

I guess I don’t like hearing John’s message very much. Question is… will I set my likes aside and pay attention to it?

I pray to God I will, because being honest with myself allows me to hear Jesus’ message of grace. If I am not honest with myself then I have no need for Jesus’ grace…

So as I am thinking about this, I invite you to join me …

Lord, God, I sit before You, admitting I am filled with sin and need You…



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