Tuesday, November 17: Matthew 2- A great move of God.

Matthew goes out of his way to show that the birth of Jesus fulfills Old Testament prophecy. Birth in Bethlehem, killing of the children, escape to Egypt and then return and living in Nazareth, all point to Jesus fulfilling Old Testament words.

Add now as if as an exclamation point, Matthew’s account of Magi from the East seeing Jesus’ star and traveling to find Him. This is an amazing tale.  You don’t do a world excursion like the Magi did on a whim!

All of this points to the fact that God is doing something. His time is aligning and a great move of God is unfolding. The great move of God is Jesus…

I paused this morning in awe of God. At His appointed time God sent Jesus. This is a world altering event accompanied by prophecies filled and signs in the heavens.

Jesus’ coming is so huge in fact that the OT Scriptures point to it… calling all Jews to recognize this event. And there are astrological signs in the heavens calling Gentiles to recognize the event! God is telling everyone that He is doing something extraordinary!!!

God still wants all the world to know…

Jesus is God’s great move to invite people back into fellowship with Him.

Jesus… will you believe in Him? Will you follow Him? Will you??

Think about it.

Lord, God, reveal the truth of Jesus to everyone who reads these words. O, God, use me to show people Jesus. I pray in Your name. Amen.


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