Monday, April 11: Exodus 25- Exacting detail.

The value of the offering and exacting detail of the Ark caught my attention as I read this morning. God has been laying out the rules for His new people, but the detail ratchets up a number of notches when the Lord prescribes the construction of the sacred Ark.

I found myself pondering this observation…

My sense is that the detail has to do with the immensity, perfection and glory of God. Humanity’s connection with God was of the utmost importance. And God being God could not be treated and worshipped in any old manner… everything connected with the Lord had to match God’s prominence and perfection. These exacting directions mirror the perfection and honor of God.

The ark wasn’t simply made out of acacia wood; it was to be overlaid with pure gold. It was costly. It was magnificent. It shone in brilliance, inside and out. Every detail communicated its importance.

I found myself thinking about the rings and poles, again overlaid with pure gold. I know the story; the poles are for carrying the Ark. No human hands are to touch the Ark after it is commissioned. Absolute respect and honor for the seat of God in the midst of His people!!!

And on the Ark cover stands two cherubim. Cherubim. Cherubim are angelic beings, they stand guard over Eden (Gen 3:24) and if Revelation 4:6-9 are cherubim, then they are constantly praising and glorifying God in heaven. These cherubim stand as protectors of the Ark even as their presence emphasizes the glory of God. 

Our great God, THE God of all creation warrants an Ark with this detail and glory.

At this point I placed my head in my hands and was overwhelmed by the glory of God… the God of the Scriptures… The Father God, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit… three persons One God. Oh, the glory and the wonder of our God.

My ponderings morphed naturally into to praise…

Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty who is and was and is to come.

God in the heavens. God over all. Matchless, invisible, the God only wise. Creator. Savior. Lord of Glory.

I fall and praise You, Lord God Almighty… I sing Your praises. I glory in Your name. To You all honor and glory belong. Amen and Amen.


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