Thursday, April 14: Exodus 28- Love God and neighbor.

The first thing I thought as I read the text was how did Israel have the ability to make all of this? Where did they get the tools to weave fabric, and spin yarn, even yarn of gold? What did they use to die the yarn? And what about the needles to sew or the tools to engrave stones? The two onyx stones of verse 9 had six names engraved on each. This requires either large stones or fine engraving work and since they were worn on the shoulders, my hunch is that it was fine engraving work.

After being amazed by all this, I was caught by some of the symbolism.  For example, the design of the breastplate with the 12 stones representing the 12 sons of Israel worn over the priest’s heart (29). Every time the priest enters to work before the Lord, he carried all Israel close to his heart as a constant reminder that he stands before the Lord on behalf of Israel. What a picture!

And then, there is the seal on the turban engraved with the words, Holy To The Lord (36), worn on the forehead when ministering.  This was a constant reminder to the priest of his sacred duty. Another incredible picture.

I thought how apt this symbolism is for me and all Christ-followers. Our lives, too, are to be lived Holy To The Lord.  We should keep all God’s family near our heart as well… love the Lord Your God with all your heart and mind and soul and strength and love your neighbor as yourself.

Lord, God, as I venture out into today, help me to keep these two truths in the forefront of my living so that my life might please you. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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