Tuesday, April 26: Exodus 38- The cost.

Again today I was intrigued by the weights of the metals used to make the Tabernacle. In round numbers the Tabernacle and furnishings took 2200 pounds of gold, 6800 pounds of silver and 5000 pounds of bronze. These weights don’t include the weight of lumber, oils, curtains and coverings. The Tabernacle was a formidable movable structure. No wonder the entire Levite tribe was assigned to the care and movement of the Tabernacle. Obviously if everyone played their part, the Tabernacle and tent of meeting were readily constructed, deconstructed and carried as the people moved from location to location.

After trying to imagine the organization necessary to take care of and move all of this, I then became intrigued with the value of the tent and Tabernacle. At $1200/oz the gold would have a present day value of approximately 42 million dollars. The silver would be worth another $1.3million ($15/oz). All told the metals were worth more than $43 million dollars. Then there were gem stones and fabrics and coverings and embroidered cloths, etc.

Honestly, I don’t think we can truly understand the equivalent value, but the calculation shows me that the Tabernacle and tent had great value financially and even more so spiritually. This was the center of their worship and the earthy dwelling place of the Lord God Jehovah. It is understandable that it was made of costly construction. God is worth every penny!

My thoughts flipped and I began to wonder if I put my money into my worship like the Israelites did?

Lord, talk to me, show me how deeply I value You… and whatever the answer, Lord, help me to increase. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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