Tuesday, April 12: Exodus 26- Playing my part.

The elaborate detail continues even for the tent in which the Ark of the Covenant will be placed.

I found myself wondering about how many people it took to make this movable tabernacle… carpenters, metal workers, tailors, people to shear the animals. Someone had to make the threads to stitch the cloth and others had to dye the cloth. People had to make the forges to forge the metal.  Did they bring the tools for all this work or did someone have to make them? There was wood for the fires and the acacia wood for all the frames and parts; this had to be harvested. Were there people to clean up? And there were supporting crews who do the grunt work for the skilled people to do their work. Then there would need to be some oversight, people managing this or that portion of the work. This was a massive undertaking for people living in the unfamiliar dessert.

The work of God requires the people of God!

That’s it… that was my ‘God moment’ this morning.

To be successful at the things or callings of God, the people of God have to pool resources and talents to make it happen. The NT writers refer to a body (see 1Cororinthians 12) to explain how it works. Here in the dessert, at the base of Mt Sinai, a manufacturing image tells the same story.

Fast forward to today, it still takes the people of God to accomplish the work of God.

Am I playing my part in God’s church? Are You? Think about it…

Oh, Lord, I lay my talents, gifts, time, resources at Your feet. Use me, as you desire, to be part of Your team and Your body to accomplish in this world the spreading of Your name across the globe so that every people, language, nation and tribe has the opportunity to put their faith in You. In Jesus’ name and for the glory of God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, I pray. Amen.


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