Wednesday, April 6: Exodus 21- Laws and rules frame a society.

Rules give society boundaries, protect the weak and provide order. The Lord is establishing Israel as a people, a nation and as such there must be rules that define the nation. This is what we are reading… the rules for Israel as a nation.

I admit I do not understand all the rules. Some make sense and some feel foreign to me. I also do not know what the general practice back in that day was with regard to national laws. My limited knowledge of the ancients informs me that whoever had the big stick made the rules. Whatever the bully wanted he got until a bigger bully came along. Eye for an eye actually moderated the acceptable penalties of the day.

I cringe at the slave laws, but again these laws apparently moderated the understanding of what a master could do to a slave in the day. It still makes me cringe, but life changes in increments, not all at once.

One thing I do know is that for me as a Christ-follower, NT understanding of things supersedes any OT law. And a rule or law not carried into the NT –like dietary laws for instance- are not binding on me.

So I sit and ponder what these laws say about the community God is establishing… that there is rule and law. And life is much more sensible and honoring of life than it was prior to these laws.

I also think how hard it is to obey any law and how much I need a savior, which leads me to thank Jesus for being my Lord, and my God, and my Savior.

Thank You, Jesus, for Your love poured out on the cross and Your teachings on life and value of others. Praise to You, Lord Jesus. Amen.


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