Thursday, April 7: Exodus 22- Restitution.

Reading through the various laws described in today’s chapter, the word ‘restitution’ appears over and over again. And it seems if I understand things correctly, that ‘restitution’ involves making the offended party whole plus some additional for what I would call a penalty, which seems to be at least paying double (4).

There seems to be wisdom in this system. Restitution seems to have a double benefit. The offended person gets back what was stolen plus something for their trouble. And the offending party feels the pain of what they did.

In our day we toss people in jail, which does incarcerate the offender but the offended person may still be out whatever was stolen.

Justice in the OT works for both parties.

There are so many issues that need to be addressed when establishing a people.

Stepping back. God suggests that making the offended party whole, as best as possible, is important. As I consider my own sins, it is one thing to be forgiven by the Lord… thank You, Jesus. However, another element all together is making the person I hurt or offended whole. Pondering this puts another layer of responsibility on me as a sinner.

I love that God forgives… but sometimes that truth allows me to forget about the person I hurt. The idea of restitution does not allow me to look past the other person…

Hmmm, I have some thinking and chewing on this to do…

Gracious God, thank you for forgiving me. But even as I write this, help me to consider the person I hurt or offended and whisper how I can restore them for what I have done. Through Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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