Wednesday, April 27: Exodus 39- As the Lord commanded.

I noticed the 4 words, as the Lord commanded, the first time they appeared, which was in verse 5. Then they showed up in verse 6. By this time my heart was set to notice them.  They appeared another handful of times throughout the chapter, concluding the discussion of each particular item of sacred clothing discussed in this chapter.

As the Lord commanded… those words burrowed into me as I sat this morning with Jesus.

Could that phrase be used to describe how I live? Am I at the Lord’s beckon call? Do I follow through and execute His will down to the smallest detail?

As the Lord commanded… as the Lord commanded… as the Lord commanded…  this thought just kept burrowing deeper and deeper.

I fall so short of this ideal.

Sadness is welling up inside of me… my eyes fill. I see Good Friday and Jesus hanging on the cross to take upon Himself all of my shortfall and sin. Every time I miss the mark and don’t measure up… Jesus paid the debt I incurred. Every time, every sin… paid for by Jesus.

Oh, God, words escape me. I don’t know what to say. All I can reach for and speak is ‘‘Thank You. I surrender to You.’ Amen and amen and amen. 


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