Monday, April 18: Exodus 31- Sabbath.

Why is sabbathing so hard? Why do people of all ages struggle to enjoy Sabbath, a day of rest, relationships and worship? Why is this so hard for us? Why is it so hard for me? Why? Why? Why?

I wish I knew the answer to this question.

When it comes to work, unions and people of all stripes have negotiated for 2 day weekends. We want time off. We long for time off. So why do we struggle when God says,“Take a day for nothing, a day to rest, recreate and worship?”

The commandments, I suggested back a week or so ago, are guardrails for life. One of those guardrails is Sabbath. I wonder why I (we) struggle so with having to take a day a week?

Is it because we are unsure we have enough so we want to work, work, work?

Is it because we don’t want anyone to tell us anything, even take a day off?

I admit I struggle and I am not sure why I struggle.  I understand less why people in general struggle with this.

I do know that when I do Sabbath, I feel better and my key relationships are stronger because I have taken that day to connect. And certainly my walk with the Lord is stronger when I take time to be with Him and the people of God one day in seven.

So even though it is a Monday, I am thinking about Sabbath… and the blessing that Sabbath is. Now I need to pray that the Lord will help me understand better and enjoy Sabbath weekly.

Lord, help me Sabbath. Help me see the gift that one day in seven is. Open my eyes to the gift Sabbath. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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