Saturday, April 23: Exodus 36- That the world might know Jesus.

Is faith in the hearing or the doing? The doing, right?! Jesus told the parable about the two sons (Matthew 21-28ff). The father says go and work in the field. The first son says, ‘No’ but then changes his mind and does what the father told him to do. The other son said, “Yes, Dad’ but never bothers to go out to the field to work. Jesus makes the point that the first son was the obedient one.

In today’s chapter, Israel demonstrated her faith in the Lord. People gave liberally. In fact they gave so much Moses had to order them to stop giving! And beyond giving, the people rally to weave, sew, butcher and build all the things God directed them to do to build the tabernacle.

Today’s chapter is an example of faith in action and what can happen when people set to do the things God directs them to do under the direction of the leaders God places over them.

My heart traveled to the church… that today’s church would be as faithful as Israel of Exodus 36. The tabernacle God wants us to build today is a globe where every tribe and nation and language and tongue hears the name of Jesus and where all peoples have an opportunity to put their faith in Jesus.

May this be so in our lifetime… and may you and I labor tirelessly to that end.

Oh, God, empower, stir Your people to do the work You have for us to do, so that Your glory will fill the earth as water covers the sea.

Oh, this I give my life… Halleluiah. Amen.


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