Monday, April 25: Exodus 37- Gold everywhere.

I found myself trying to figure out the weight of the gold used on these most sacred items. It was an incredible amount. I wondered how these articles were carried. They must have been heavy. If the lampstand was about 75 pounds, how heavy was the ark with the atonement cover of pure gold and the 2 cherubim of gold as well.

I guess I can’t turn off my engineering trained mind.

I also thought about all the gold… a precious metal for the most precious articles of the Tabernacle. These are the items that are in the room where God’s presence lives and the Lord deserves the best.

Interestingly, even in the desert, Israel is able to construct an ark worthy of the Lord!

And with that last thought my time with the Lord took a turn.  What am I constructing with my life for the Lord? Do I give Him the best or my leftovers? Would I have made the lampstand out of gold (the best of the best I have) or out of bronze (looks pretty good but doesn’t cost as much as if I made it with gold)?

Do I prepare for worship well and give God my heart and soul while in worship or am I distracted and not fully present to the Lord?

Do my offerings cost me or are they cheaper, a replica of sacrificial giving?

When I serve, do I serve with heart and soul giving my best or doing I serve grudgingly?

And so my devotional thoughts went.  Do I give Jesus my best or something less? How about you???

Lord, I know I am filled with mixed motives, good days and not-so-good days… whole-hearted service and half-hearted service. Forgive my less than best times and help me to aspire to greatness in giving and service and love for others and You. This is my prayer, prayed in the name of Jesus, my Lord, Amen.


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