Monday, April 4: Exodus 19- Holiness .

As I read this passage and watched how God guarded the people from coming into His presence, I was overtaken by the holiness and the otherness of God. God is so perfect that just to attempt to be in His presence is worthy of death. An apt punishment since barging into His presence will cause us –mere humans- to die.

Mt Sinai renewed my awe for the Lord and reminded me about the sanctity of reverence for God.

In my modern world there is a rush to make God approachable, knowable and personal. Scripture reveals God to be like this particularly in the person of Jesus Christ. But what I am realizing is that we cannot chase after the approachableness and personal-ness of God if it means losing sight of God’s majesty and holiness and total otherness.

In the pursuit of God it is never either-or but always both-and. The Lord is both indescribably majestic and holy and approachably personal. God holds the world and all eternity in His hand and is present with us every moment. God deserves absolute worship and yet allows us to choose to follow Him or not.

Today I allowed my mind and thoughts to explode with God… trying to comprehend as best my feeble mind can, the wonders of our God. God who created ALL THINGS, and who entered humanity fully in JESUS. God, Who is the perfect judge of ALL THINGS and the One who paid humanity’s sin price in Jesus on the cross, only asks that we believe in Jesus. God, Who is above or beyond time yet He entered time to meet Moses.

And so my thoughts coursed from wondering and thinking about the holy and perfect God, who has revealed Himself to me in Jesus, the living Word, and His inspired Word in Scripture

All glory laud and honor to the Redeemer King…

God You are high and lifted up and Your train fills the temple.

Blessed be Your name, Oh, God, my Rock and my Redeemer… Amen.


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