Monday, May 29: 2Samuel 10- Pray for your national leaders.

I found myself wondering about the pressures of running a country. Oh, the pressures and decisions David faced. He tried to do a nice thing, sending condolences on the death of a neighboring king. However, the son and his new advisors misread the intention and things escalated until a war broke out.

As a citizen I never face decisions like this. My decisions might affect my household or extended family, my decisions may even affect some people where I work, but my decisions will never send a country to war. Country leaders face an entirely different magnitude of decisions than I will ever face. This diplomatic misunderstanding resulted in the death of 40,000 soldiers and very possibly the destruction of cities.

As I considered this one incident it occurred to me how significant national leaders are. No wonder God enjoins His people to pray for leaders, and those in authority… (1Timothy 2:1-2).

I am not very good at remembering to pray for my country leaders… certainly God is reminding me to do so today…

Oh, Lord, I pray for President Trump, for the men and women who advise him and for the congress –Representatives and Senators. I pray that these people would govern wisely and honorably before You and for the people of my country and the world. Give them wisdom to read diplomatic situations wisely. Give them restrain when it comes to sending soldiers into harms’ way or deploying weapons of mass destruction. Help them to lead our country to be a force for good and the betterment of humanity throughout the world. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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