Wednesday, May 17: 1Samuel 31- Is the world a better place because of Your life?.

Death comes to everyone. So on one hand this is the inevitable account of someone who met his last day on earth. We will all meet that day in one way or another. However, on the other hand this is a tragic story. God spoke judgment over Saul for his turn of heart away from the Lord.  His death and those of his sons are the result of God’s judgment upon him. His family line had to be sealed off so that the new Davidic line could be established. How sad.

How sad that Jonathan died, in part, as a result of his father’s failures and sins. The Jonathan we meet in the pages of Scripture is a good man who loved David and was committed to David. He pledged his allegiance to David and offered to be his second. Truly quite amazing. Sadly, he dies alongside his father.

As I think about the folly of one man, particularly a man in power, often it results in the death of many innocents. In my lifetime too many strong men have waged wars in which regular folk died to feed the strong man’s lust for power or gain. We live in what can be a sad world.

But it doesn't have to be that way. The power of Jesus is infiltrating our world one person at a time as people say ‘yes’ to faith in Jesus.  People in Jesus have the power to say ‘no’ to the selfish madness of the human heart and live a better life, a God honoring life, a life that loves, and cares and lifts others up.

Does every Believer live that way?  No!  Christendom has perpetrated its own atrocities. BUT despite some bad apples, people of faith in Jesus have brought much good to our world.  More importantly we, who are alive today, can bring much good to our world.  If we will open our hearts to the Lord and allow His touch and the power of the Holy Spirit within to lead us into good, to be peacemakers, to love.

Every one of us will die. Question is, will our living make the world a better place or will it add more pain and sorry?

Consider how you are living… I am. Ask God to help you be a positive force for good in your world.

Oh, God, help me to shine Your light, Your love and Your grace today. May people see You in me. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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