Thursday, May 11: 1Samuel 26- Proof of integrity.


David makes a valiant, some might say foolish, effort to prove his integrity. He sneaks into the middle of Saul’s camp and steals Saul’s spear and jug, both positioned right by Saul as he slept.

For the second time David refuses to kill Saul, God’s anointed.

After making his escape with the king’s possessions David announces to the camp what he has done. From beginning to end this was an ‘all out’ play to prove his integrity.

Had David been caught he would have been killed on the spot as an intruder trying to harm the king. The only play that didn’t result in David’s death was the one that happened. It was a desperate gambit.

How much was his integrity worth to David?

How much is my integrity worth to me? How much is your integrity worth to you?

Is it worth paying additional taxes because you file with honesty?

Is it worth returning to the store when you are given back too much change?

Is it worth admitting to something you have done when you could have gotten away with it?

Again, how much is your integrity worth to you? 

And when we stand before the Lord and He queries how we used our life and how we shined the light of Jesus through our living, how much will a life in integrity mean then?

Lord, David was a man after your own heart. Integrity was just one life attribute that grew out of his love for and emulation of You. I pray that love for and commitment to You would blossom in a life of integrity and other God-honoring character traits in my life. I pray this through Jesus, my Savior. Amen.


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