Wednesday, May 3: 1Samuel 19- Friendship and love.

Both Jonathan and Michal put their relationship with their father Saul aside because of their love for David. What was it about David that engendered such loyalty?

Recently I read the book Unleader by Jane Overstreet. The book compares the leadership of Saul and David. And Jane used these stories to make the case that David knew how to love and be vulnerable with people. His caring personality, she suggested, was part of what drew people to David. Where Saul remained aloof and distant David grew close to others.

Her lessons flood my thoughts as I read this chapter. Am I (are you) the kind of person others would sacrifice for?

Would people stick their neck out for you or me?

If not, what kinds of things do I need to change to grow to be that kind of person?

If yes, are there things I can do to grow better at caring for people and thus grow to be even a better friend or family member?

We have been created for relationships.  Am I growing in my ability to cultivate relationships?

Lord, half of the great commandment is ‘love your neighbor as yourself’. Guide me and lead me to become a person who loves others as You would have me love them. I pray in Jesus’ name. Amen.



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