Tuesday, May 30: 2Samuel 11- David is human after all.

We have been reading about the life of David for some weeks now and at times it felt like David was perfect. He prayed at the right times and heard from God when he needed a word. David was king and a strong leader. He was a man of military might, and yet, he could play an instrument and sooth a wounded soul. There were times I wondered, “Who is that good?”

Well, today I learn David is not perfect, he is human after all.  While sin is never something to smile about, there is a part of me that did smile when I read this chapter, not because of David’s sin, but because he was real and now I can relate to him.  Yes, I have sins and failures but I can also be someone who cultivates love and relationship for God that makes a difference for Him and good in this world like the great David did.

David’s actions also remind me that I have areas in my life where I am particularly weak. As I watched David, he seemed to lean into the opportunity to sin, rather than turning away from it. When his eyes spied a woman bathing, he leaned in first inquiring about her and then sending for her. There were any number of moments along the way that he could have repented and stopped pursuing passion and sin. There were any number of times a voice of reason could have spoken truth to him.  However, he sought no counsel and servants don’t question the master, they just do the master’s bidding. So David was flying solo… no help, no counsel, no accountability.

Flying solo in our areas of weakness is a dangerous proposition.

Oh, Lord, help me to see my weak areas and to find a ‘wing man’ whom I trust.  Someone who will give me grace-filled, God-honoring advice that can stem the rising tide of sin within me and lead me back to the safety of mature godly behavior. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.



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