Wednesday, May 24: 2Samuel 6- Desire and the word.

David loved the Lord. His desire was to honor God, worship God and to spread the fame of the Lord near and far.

With his capital city secure, David sought to honor the Lord by bringing His Ark into the city and David arranged for an elaborate entrance party. Part of his arrangements was to build a brand new cart to carry the ark on its journey. His intention was admirable and it came from a heart of love, however David’s cart idea was misguided. David likely didn’t know that the Ark was to be carried by poles not on a cart and a disaster happened. Uzzah should have known better than to steady the Ark by laying a hand on it. He was killed by the Lord instantly for his insolence.

After three months David cools down and apparently gets instruction from the Word of God and they carry the Ark into the city with great fanfare and worship.

Sometimes we can do things for the Lord with wonderful intentions but what we are doing does not line up with God’s Word.

Obedience, not sacrifice, brings joy to the Lord.

Human intentions are one aspect of a faith-filled life, the other is obedience to God’s Will and way as presented in His eternal Word. Both passion and obedience are important if we are going to live faithfully to the Lord. David learned this lesson the hard way…

Oh, God ,may I learn this lesson from David. Teach me Your Word so that my manner of living will match my desire and intention to live for You. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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