Saturday, May 6: 1Samuel 22- Check-ins with the Lord .

I don’t always think my best when I am in crisis mode. When things are heated and pressures are bearing down I sometimes enter a reaction mode. It struck me that David, certainly in crisis mode, also wove in time to speak with and listen to the Lord.

After seeking safety for his family we read, From there David went to Mizpah in Moab and said to the king of Moab, “Would you let my father and mother come and stay with you until I learn what God will do for me?” (3).

So apparently David reacted and then checked in with the Lord.

What a practical and deeply God loving way to live.

God gives us brains, which we are to use. Cultivating regular check-ins with the Lord is brilliant, so that we maintain our connection with the Lord and if we need to make a correction to decisions we have made we can do so quickly and seamlessly.

Having my daily (for me morning) time with the Lord is a bedrock of my life.  However, David is reminding me that regular check-in with the Lord throughout the day builds my relationship with the Lord and allows me to smooth out any miss steps quickly.

Thank You, Lord God, for Your servant David, for the life he lived and the example of faithful living that he was. Help me to emulate the good in him as I continue to grow and mature in You. I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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