Friday, February 12: Genesis 29- God in the background.

It hit me that in all the strange details of this account, God was in the background setting His will in motion and building His people.

I don’t understand all the ancient customs. I wonder how drunk Jacob must have been not to realize that Leah was given to him instead of Rachel. I wonder what Leah felt being clandestinely given to Jacob, knowing he love Rachel. I have so many wonderings…

But behind it all God is at work, bringing His will to pass.

It seems the same is true to this day. I often wonder what is going on in our world as I watch the news and yet, somehow, God is working His will, His good, pleasing and perfect will. I certainly don’t understand all these things, but I believe in the Lord. I believe He is working to bring people to faith in Him. I believe His glory is spreading across the globe, despite the news I read. I also believe that some of the calamities and atrocities I read about in the news actually help spread the Gospel message the fastest. God’s ways are higher than my ways.

I submit to the Lord God. And I will trust Him no matter what life brings… because I believe God is working His will to completion.

Lord, help me to see Your hand at work in the events of life. Help me to do whatever I can to become active in advancing Your name and fame across this globe, that all might hear and believe the name of Jesus. In His name, I pray. Amen.


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