Tuesday, February 23: Genesis 38- Duplicity.

I am not sure there is much ‘redeeming’ about this story. But it does have all the elements of a modern romance novel, sex, betrayal, lying and a measure of redemption. Maybe life hasn’t changed all that much over the millennia.

Judah did remind me how duplicitous and self-centered we can be. Here, too, human nature has changed very little over time.

Double standards, oh my, they continue to be rampant to this day. What an affront to God they are…

This drove me to consider my life and thoughts and stances on many of the social and religious issues of today. Am I a double standard person, especially if the double standard justifies myself? A few present day issues tumble in my thoughts:

Care of the poor

Tax breaks

Sex, affairs, homosexuality

Religious freedoms, especially for people who are not Christians.

I know this is a strange time with the Lord, but God seems to be probing me. He’s asking me if I will truly stand with Him and hold myself accountable to His Word.   Also, will I even  mentally hold others to His Word and will?

If I take a hard stand, will I take it from faith and live it myself?

It is so human to rationalize one’s own behaviors as Judah did, while at the same time drawing a very sharp and hard line with others. This, the Lord is reminding me, is not His way… not His way at all.

O, Lord, show me where I carry double standards. Show me where I say one thing but live another. Show me where I justify myself but condemn others. Show me Lord so that I can grow up and deal with my failing for Your sake and the sake of the Gospel I bear with my life.

I pray this in Jesus’ name. Amen.


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