Saturday, February 13: Genesis 30- Sons.

If God is going to build a great nation, then there needs to be a multiplying affect of extra children. And so God uses two jealous wives to provide 11 male offspring (Benjamin, #12, is not yet born).

Reading the story of our faith beginnings, I never cease to be amazed how God can use our frailties, shortcomings and sins to advance His cause. (God even uses non-believers like Cyrus, king of Persia, to advance His agenda.)

God is in ultimate control. His will is done. When He blesses, blessings happen. When He decrees, His decrees come to pass. God’s Word is assured.

I marvel at God… His ways are not my ways. Actually it is better to say, my ways are not His ways. All I can truly do is bow and worship Him.

It is evening as I read my Bible today. What a wonderful thought to close out the eve of worship. Tomorrow I get to praise God, the God Who speaks and Who wills and Who brings His will into being.

Tomorrow I get to gather with God’s family and worship the one true God who forever is to be praised. He took care of His ancient people and He will take care of His present day people too. Of this I am certain and sure.

Halleluiah!  Praise be to the God Who speaks and the God Who delivers on what He speaks. Praise to the Lord God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Halleluiah. Amen.


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