Monday, February 15: Genesis 31- Remembering God at work.


Where, the last chapter or two, I have had to infer God’s work on Jacob’s behalf, God’s activity is directly told in today’s chapter. First, God directs Jacob to return home (3). Then just before Laban catches up to Jacob and his crew, God warns Laban to mind his words when he speaks with Jacob (24-29). Additionally, Jacob credits God with the multiplying of his flocks and herds.

In very direct ways God has been watching over Jacob for the 20 years he spent with his father-in-law.

God activity in Jacob’s life encouraged me to pause and review my life, noting the times and place I know God directed or intervened.

I remember working on my engineering master’s thesis project. The data I had accumulated over 2 years plotted out into an indefinable mess. I remember talking with the Lord one day. asking Him for help. Without some breakthrough I would have to write up a nul-project. Then the next day I had an inspiration. Without going into the details, the data went from a shotgun pattern to a rifle pattern, easily plot-able and verifiable. I credit the Lord for the spark of inspiration that brought my data into alignment and my ensuing thesis which, totally to my surprise, won a national award that year.

And so I sat remembering many times and ways God, directly and indirectly, directed my life.

It is good to take time, to slow down and remember… remember the works of the Lord in our lives.

In my fast paced, busy life, I should do this more often. Today’s time with the Lord reminds me of this.

Thank You, my Lord, for leading me to reflect and remember today. I am encouraged, remembering the many ways you have worked, leading and directing me.

Lord, I ask that I may be more attuned to You, hearing more clearly and listening more attentively to You and Your leading. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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