Thursday, February 18: Genesis 34- A world filled with brutality.

Sadly the stain of sin that penetrated the human heart when Adam and Eve ate the fruit is ever growing. The flood slowed the advance but didn’t eradicate the disease. Noah and his family had the sin-disease so it began growing again as soon as they exited the ark.

Every page of this book bears witness to sin.

The rape of Dinah and treating her like chortle; the deceptive treaty and then killing of innocent people; and the sons of Israel are just as infected as the outsiders. Sin is everywhere.

A brutal gang rape in New York City is news today. In many ways things haven’t changed since the time of Israel and his sons.

Only a new heart provided by faith in Jesus has a chance of stemming the sin pandemic. But even with faith in Jesus, no human being ever conquers sin completely this side of eternity. However, Jesus is our best and only true hope.

I know every reader of this devotional battles with sin. Any one of us has the capability to be either the rapist, Hamor, or the murderous sons, Simeon and Levi. Whether these sins or others live in us, I know sin lives in me…

My first defense is faith in Jesus… washing my life clean and giving me a new start.

My next defense is constant reliance on Jesus. Left to my own devices I could sin greatly… leaning on Jesus gives me strength to combat the sin impulses in my life.

A third defense is honest confession and repentance when I do sin. Confession and repentance helps cut the strength out of the sin that resides in me. Instead of that sin growing and growing, confession and repentance is like taking an antibiotic, weakening and/or killing that strain until another one pops up.

Jesus is my only defense!

Lord, God, Thank You for the able way of salvation in Jesus. I bring myself to You, Lord, today, through my Savior, Jesus. Cleanse me and give me strength to live for You today and every day. Amen and Amen.


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