Monday, February 8: Genesis 25- Legacy.

Death comes to all of us. Abraham, the patriarch and fountainhead of Israel, died at a good old age, an old man full of years (7).

Abraham was a man of faith who lived his walk with the Lord. His legacy stretches millennia. Not everyone’s life has the destiny to touch nations, but every life lived faithfully to the Lord will accomplish the Lord’s will.

As I think about Abraham and his death, I wonder what will be said at my graveside… recognizing that I may have decades before that day, I have a tremendous ability to affect what might be said. I potentially have 30+ years to shape my legacy…

None of us knows when our death will come, but if I (we) live each day faithfully to the Lord, then our lives will have a positive affect on the world and people near and far.

Think about it... I surely did this morning.

Lord, help me to live today for and with You, to do the things Your word and Spirit ask of me. May my life move Your will and advancement of Jesus’ name forward around the world. In Jesus’ name I pray. Amen.


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