Saturday, February 6: Genesis 24- .

One afternoon at the well changed Rebekah’s life.

I tried to imagine what Rebekah might have thought and felt as the day unfolded, but I am not sure that I succeeded.

In what appears for be 24 hours Rebekah accepts the proposal of a man she has never met through a representative and leaves her family, likely to never see them again. Yes, her soon to be husband is a distant relative, but still he is someone she and her family have never met.

Rebekah must have been a woman of extraordinary faith and an adventurous spirit.

Abraham’s manservant saw the sovereign hand of God in all that transpired. Did Rebekah? We simply don’t know, the text is silent. Maybe she was convinced by the servant’s faith. Maybe her adventurous spirit drove her. Maybe she wanted to get away from her family. We simply do not know.

As I sat with Rebekah’s example before me, I found myself praying that I would have the faith of the servant coupled with the adventurous spirit of Rebekah in my walk with the Lord.

Stir in me, Lord, ever deepening and trusting faith so that I will jump when You ask me to jump, run when You ask me to run and wait when You say wait.

Lord, as 2016 unfolds, I pray that I am up to all the adventures You set before me. May You receive honor and glory through my faith-filled living... that the world may know Jesus is Lord. In His name, I pray. Amen.


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